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Our Story

Everyone’s a badman until they have to speak to a crowd.

Speaking is easy when we’re chatting away to our best friend in Maccies, but put us on a stage, in an interview or on a first date – and words become hard. Public speaking ranks on many surveys as people’s number 1 fear; ahead of being broke and death…

For the young people that we interact with, the future is a beautiful mystery. The only thing that’s certain is that they will have to source opportunities and convince people to take a shot on them. Our workshops are designed to come in at the crucial point in their life, when they are setting their aspirations and shaping their career paths.

Our goal is to give them the confidence to aim high and the tools to make the most of every opportunity that comes their way.

Since 2019, by showing that they have a voice, we have helped over 100,000 young people realise that they are ballers, and can speak their way to success.

And it’s not that deep… life should be full of good music, confetti cannons and giant unicorns – so that’s what we put in our workshops.


Our Workshops

About For Love Or Money

Where it all began… Our flagship workshop focusing on public speaking & confidence building.
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About MoneyBall

Our most social workshop; focusing on teamwork, problem-solving, creativity, leadership and opening up the world of enterprise to young people.
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About The Game Of Life

Helping young people win the mental battle. This workshop focuses on resilience, confidence, raising aspirations, emotional intelligence & personal storytelling.
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About Game Face

Building on the skills learned in ‘For Love or Money’, this workshop focuses more specifically on interview skills and speaking with authority.
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what people say

Everyone should have the chance to go on a session with Loud Speaker.

Lucy Allan MP, Member of Parliament for Telford

Absolutely amazing, couldn't be better - I loved it!

Loud Speaker Graduate, Liverpool

I just want to say thank you for building my confidence

Loud Speaker Graduate, Leeds

The feedback that we have had from our students is unbelievably positive and this is something we will look to do every year with our year 12 students.

Hugh Baird College

I would highly recommend them, both for their ability to engage with their audience and for the great quality content they deliver. The presenters were confident and effective communicators that enable their participants to also communicate effectively and confidently.

Wakefield Council

My son said he was one of just a handful who raised their hands as being terrified of speaking in public at the start of the day, and by the end of the day, he was walking out into a huge crowd of peers, interacting with his audience and pitching his product like a pro.

Proud Parent of a Loud Speaker Graduate